"I’ve had a lot of editors in my 35 year career as a journalist and I feel extremely lucky to have had Keely as my editor for American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know.  From the proposal stage to the final draft, her thoughtful insights, clear-minded ideas on organization, and graceful edits were invaluable contributions. As a writer, one prays for a smart editor who respects your style and appreciates the nuances of your work, but can also firmly (yet kindly) let you know when enough is enough. Keely has that talent.  She’s also fiercely attentive to detail, and skillfully manages to make an author feel supported while also working collegially with the rest of the publishing-house team and its demands." 

Goldie Blumenstyk

Author and Senior Writer, The Chronicle of Higher Education

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Keely, and she’s a delight: professional, compassionate, and quietly determined. She brings her great intelligence and her wonderful manner to all things she does."

Kathy Belden

Executive Editor, Scribner


"Keely is an exemplary editor, and it was a true delight to work with her during the writing and editing process. She has all the skills that one needs to succeed as a modern editor: responsiveness, patience, critical insight, perspicaciousness, indefatigable support. She led me (and my book) through every step of the publishing process, offering much-needed insights at crucial moments, and successfully defusing, on my behalf, a potentially combustible situation with a rival wit. Your book will be better for having worked with her."

Jeremy Caradonna

Author, Sustainability: A History 

"How fortunate I was to have Keely as co-editor of my Jonas Salk biography.  She was incredibly perceptive, quickly mastering the material and suggesting edits with the reader and author in mind.  Respectful of my voice and intent in editing content, she demonstrated her skill in grammar, syntax, and word choice as well.  She was highly professional, never tiring of my incessant questions. As I read the final proofs of my biography, I felt grateful to Keely for helping make Jonas Salk worthy of its subject."
Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs
Professor of Medicine (Emerita), Stanford University, and author of Jonas Salk

"Keely Boeving brings to every project she undertake a unique set of skills and an intuitive and unerring ability to see what needs to be done to make it stronger.  She vastly improves anything and everything upon which she fixes her steady gaze, from individual sentences and word choice to overall structure.  In short, she is that rare thing: a complete editor. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

Timothy Bent 

Executive Editor, Oxford University Press

Keely Boeving

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